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Kitchen & Dining

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Stainless Steel Thermal Pot 7L

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Hanabishi Waffle Maker

RM228.00 RM96.00
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Citrus spray

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Veggie Twister (Green)

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Hanabishi Juicer

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Adjustable Cake Cutter

RM35.00 RM19.00
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BUBEE Keep Warm Lunch Box 500ml

RM120.00 RM108.00
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Kitchen is the place where most of your food and drink, whether is breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper or your tea time is being prepared. Hence, it is very important to have a nice, comfortable and well structured kitchen in your house.


To make a perfect kitchen in your lovely house, you definitely need home kitchen products such as utensils for you to cook your all time Malaysian favourite Nasi Lemak or bake your favourite cupcakes to be enjoy at tea time with your friends. Feeling motivated to cook? Come and shop for kitchen accessories online with IKW and choose the one that you want and quickly purchase it back home!


Shopping for kitchen accessories online allows you to compare various products with one easy click and let you to have more choices to choose from. Besides let you have more choices, it lets you compare prices also!

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