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Home Improvement

sale 25%

Khind Air Cooler EAC65

RM455.80 RM344.00
sale 25%

Khind Stand Fan SF 1683Ê

RM169.60 RM128.00
sale 44%

5 Seconds Fix

RM39.00 RM22.00
Out of stock
sale 25%

Khind Ventilation Fan VF100

RM116.60 RM88.00

Adorable Mug Lid

Out of stock
sale 25%

Khind Table Fan TF1210

RM93.28 RM70.00

Adorable Mug Lid

Out of stock
sale 28%

Khind Ventilation Fan VF102

RM90.10 RM65.09
sale 48%

EZ Water Jet Cannon

RM49.90 RM25.90
sale 24%

Khind Emergency Light ZC 501N

RM80.56 RM61.00
sale 24%

Khind Table Antique Fan TF302

RM187.62 RM142.00
sale 32%

Wall Mounted Food Dispenser

RM139.90 RM95.00
sale 30%

Khind Tower Fan FD201R

RM236.38 RM165.09
sale 24%

Khind Antique Stand Fan SF402

RM288.32 RM218.00
sale 25%

Khind Table Fan TF1230

RM87.98 RM66.00
sale 25%

Khind Table Fan TF1610

RM115.54 RM87.00
sale 24%

Khind Wall Fan WF1601

RM145.22 RM110.00
sale 40%

Neo Geo Spring Foldable Box

RM25.00 RM14.90
sale 25%

Khind Exhaust Fan EF1001

RM82.68 RM62.00
sale 50%

Viva Houz Galaxy Futon (Purple)

RM399.00 RM199.00

Having an idea to improve your home after certain periods of time? Or thinking to improve your home before you move into your new house? Then you had come to the right page. Here is the place where you can shop for the home improvement products you like.


At IKW, there are many choices available and you can compare them all with just a click. Home improvements are the dream of every house owner as it can enhance the environment of the house and provide a better living environment to everyone in the house.


Get some fresh idea on how to improve your house by visiting this site. Look for the suitable one and purchase it back home immediately! Remember, improving your home and living is not an easy tasks but it is worth to be done as it makes you enjoy your home to the max level.

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