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Ilife V7 Smart Mute Sweeping Robot Automatic

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Too tired or too busy to do some cleaning at your home? Dust bunnies are beginning to grow its habitat under your sofas and beds? Well, praise to technology, the new and state-of-the-art Ilife V7 Smart Mute Sweeping Robot Automatic is your personal 24/7 housekeeper that will sweep your house clean at all times. It is easy and definitely user-friendly, you no longer need to worry of coming home to a pile of dirt to ruin your day.


  • • Accustomed with the latest technology features •
  • Saves time and energy on cleaning spree •
  • Works around the clock without losing its performance •
  • Keeping your household clean and remained clean

Product Details: •

  • Colour: Sapphire Blue •
  • Dimension: 34*34*8cm