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Khind Vacuum Cleaner VC 3661

RM270.30 RM204.00 (RM216.24 inc tax)
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Hanabishi Vacuum Cleaner 1600W

RM499.00 RM258.00 (RM273.48 inc tax)
sale 23%

Hanabishi Wet and Dry & Blow Vacuum Cleaner

RM388.00 RM299.00 (RM316.94 inc tax)
sale 27%

Aztech Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

RM850.00 RM620.00 (RM657.20 inc tax)

Mini Vacuum-White

RM25.00 (RM26.50 inc tax)

Mini Vacuum-Dark Green

RM25.00 (RM26.50 inc tax)

Mini Vacuum-Light Green

RM25.00 (RM26.50 inc tax)
sale 31%

Hanabishi Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner 1600W

RM488.00 RM335.00 (RM355.10 inc tax)

Khind Vacuum Cleaner VC8210

RM375.00 (RM397.50 inc tax)

Salav 1.2L Steam Cleaner

RM659.43 (RM699.00 inc tax)

Khind Vacuum Cleaner VC8211

RM215.00 (RM227.90 inc tax)

Salav 500ML Steam Mop

RM565.09 (RM599.00 inc tax)

Khind Vacuum Cleaner VC8209

RM220.00 (RM233.20 inc tax)

Salav 350ML Steam Mop

RM376.42 (RM399.01 inc tax)
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