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Home Decoration

sale 24%

Khind Rechargeable Emergency Lantern RL2100

RM91.16 RM69.00 (RM73.14 inc tax)
sale 24%

Bear Ultra-quiet Air Humidifier (3 Litre)

RM118.00 RM90.10 (RM95.51 inc tax)

Trash Bin-Pink

RM7.50 (RM7.95 inc tax)
sale 55%

Mighty Light

RM55.00 RM25.00 (RM26.50 inc tax)

Trash Bin-Yellow

RM7.50 (RM7.95 inc tax)
sale 20%

4R Photo Album 120psc

RM25.00 RM19.90 (RM21.09 inc tax)
sale 32%

Wall Mounted Food Dispenser

RM139.90 RM95.00 (RM100.70 inc tax)
sale 24%

Khind Emergency Light ZC 501N

RM80.56 RM61.00 (RM64.66 inc tax)
sale 41%

Stick and Click LED Light(3 pcs)

RM29.00 RM17.00 (RM18.02 inc tax)
sale 25%

Khind Rechargeable Emergency Light EM2004

RM78.44 RM59.00 (RM62.54 inc tax)
sale 49%

Insta Bulb(2 pcs)

RM55.00 RM28.00 (RM29.68 inc tax)

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