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Furniture & Decor

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Khind Rechargeable Emergency Lantern RL2100

RM91.16 RM69.00 (RM73.14 inc tax)
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Bear Ultra-quiet Air Humidifier (3 Litre)

RM118.00 RM90.10 (RM95.51 inc tax)

Adorable Mug Lid

RM15.90 (RM16.85 inc tax)
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Trash Bin-Pink

RM7.50 (RM7.95 inc tax)
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Mighty Light

RM55.00 RM25.00 (RM26.50 inc tax)
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Inflatable ArmChair

RM145.00 RM65.00 (RM68.90 inc tax)

Trash Bin-Yellow

RM7.50 (RM7.95 inc tax)
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4R Photo Album 120psc

RM25.00 RM19.90 (RM21.09 inc tax)
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Wall Mounted Food Dispenser

RM139.90 RM95.00 (RM100.70 inc tax)
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Viva Houz Galaxy Futon (Purple)

RM399.00 RM199.00 (RM210.94 inc tax)
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Khind Emergency Light ZC 501N

RM80.56 RM61.00 (RM64.66 inc tax)
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Stick and Click LED Light(3 pcs)

RM29.00 RM17.00 (RM18.02 inc tax)
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Khind Rechargeable Emergency Light EM2004

RM78.44 RM59.00 (RM62.54 inc tax)
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Insta Bulb(2 pcs)

RM55.00 RM28.00 (RM29.68 inc tax)
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Japan Home Sofa Organizer Storage Bag Liv...

RM39.00 RM12.89 (RM13.66 inc tax)

Home is the place where we spend most of our time doing activities we like. For example, listening to your all-time favourite music with your I-phone and lying on your soft and comfortable bed reading the bedtime novel you like. Therefore, having a perfect, nice and comfortable home is the ultimate dream of every home owner and even the occupants of the home would like.


To achieve this dream, having the perfect and suitable home and living products are of utmost important. By buying them right, you can make your home an ultimate place to live in by maximising the happiness and comfortability of every members in the house. It would not be perfect if your home just have furniture or tools, just like a cup of Earl’s Grey Tea without sugar. Hence, you will need home and living accessories such as decorative wallpapers to beautify your house.


Choosing a right home decoration for your house is not an easy job if you are a person who likes to compare each of every piece available in the store before you make up your mind. In traditional marketplace, you are not allowed to have an inspection in details of every piece of décor as you will be opening up every package available to do so. Hence, why not consider shopping for home décor products online?


By shopping online, you are able to look through every pieces of the décor via the image provided on website. Moreover, you can make comparison on many different décor items just by using your computer without going through the hassle of walking forth and back of the décor section in physical store. Time is money. To save up your precious time, why not starting from today shop online for your favourite home decoration at IKW?

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