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VIVA HOUZ Rubber Foam Bolster-1pcs

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Viva Houz


VIVA HOUZ Rubber Foam Bolster is designed to run the length of your body giving additional support and reduce any pressure experienced in the neck, shoulder, spine and lower body. It molds to your body contour naturally and is ideal to provide that much needed support while you sleep. This will most definitely counteract those uncomfortable nights where it feels almost impossible to find a comfortable sleeping position. Hypo-allergenic and dust mite free, this bolster is made of 100% pure natural rubber. This full body bolster is without doubt luxuriously soft, giving a source of orthopaedic support and comfort to rest on.

Product Details: •

  • Size : 94 x 20cm •
  • Soft and comfortable •
  • Durable and long lasting •
  • 100% pure natural rubber •
  • Anti-dust mite, mildew and dust resistant


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