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Kids & Baby

Baby Grasping Ball Soft Toy

RM28.00 (RM29.68 inc tax)

Musical Plush Toys

RM50.00 (RM53.00 inc tax)

3-Piece Dual-use Headband

RM25.00 (RM26.50 inc tax)

3-piece Baby Girl Headband

RM25.00 (RM26.50 inc tax)

Multiflow Teat (1pcs)

RM11.32 (RM12.00 inc tax)

Woodward's Gripewater

RM12.10 (RM12.83 inc tax)

Totoro Plush Toy-06501123

RM159.92 (RM169.52 inc tax)

totoro friends-02501188

RM39.92 (RM42.32 inc tax)

Totoro plush toy 1

RM39.92 (RM42.32 inc tax)

Totoro plush toy 2-0400764

RM95.92 (RM101.68 inc tax)

Rubic Cube 02601172

RM63.92 (RM67.76 inc tax)

Rubic Cube 01601171

RM39.92 (RM42.32 inc tax)

Rubic Cube 01301169

RM31.92 (RM33.84 inc tax)

Rubic Cube 00551106 A

RM13.52 (RM14.33 inc tax)

Rubic Cube 01101168

RM29.52 (RM31.29 inc tax)

Rubic Cube 01701170

RM47.92 (RM50.80 inc tax)

Rubic Cube 01201167

RM29.52 (RM31.29 inc tax)

Rubic Cube 00551106 A

RM13.52 (RM14.33 inc tax)

Rubic Cube 00551106 A

RM13.52 (RM14.33 inc tax)

Rubic Cube 02101173

RM36.72 (RM38.92 inc tax)


RM200.00 (RM212.00 inc tax)

Kids is the most precious gift by God to every parents in this world. Starting from the moment a mother knows that she’s pregnant, she’s been thinking of what to buy for her babies. We know how excited shopping for kids & baby can be for every parents. This is why we want to share this happiness with our beloved customers by helping them to sort out some of the best products for toddlers at the biggest online shopping mall in Malaysia.


At IKW, we offer range of products from fashion and toys to feeding and nursing products. Of course, we believe that the best care given to the kids will help them in the growing up process. Yes, we do offer products for new born babies. The least that we could do here at IKW is to provide you with the essential products for your kids, which we are very sure will be loved by your kids! Listen to their laughter of happiness every time you purchase with us because every smile counts, and that’s just priceless.

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