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Farlin Pregnancy Pillow(BF-604)

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Farlin understands the needs of the mother and the baby and offers products that help ease the stress of nursing, breastfeeding, and soothing babies, and make them more convenient.

Having Trouble Sleeping During Pregnancy?
Getting into and staying in bed may be one of your greatest challenges during pregnancy, particularly if you are used to sleeping on your stomach or on your back. Both positions present problems during pregnancy. During your Finerst trimester, tender breasts may prevent you from sleeping on your stomach, and as your belly grows, lying face down will become increasingly uncomfortable. Sleeping on your back can also increase the risk of you developing backaches, haemorrhoids, poor digestion, impaired breathing and circulation, and even low blood pressure.

Ergonomic Comfort
Farlin Pregnancy Pillow Features: an ergonomic design that offers maximum comfort and support to pregnant mothers. It can be used for lying down or when sitting. The pillows design supports the mothers body to relieve the stress caused by the weight of the fetus, promoting comfort and ultimately, contributing to deeper sleep.

Breathable Material
This super comfortable pregnancy pillow is made of a breathable, soft material that is able to provide maximum abdomen support to the pregnant mother. The pillow is washable and durable.

Received the pillow. Very light and easy to carry. Thank you!
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