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Farlin Free Direction Manual Breast Pump (BF-640B)

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Soft liner pad of breast pump can massage the breast to ease the pain.


  • 360° Swivel handle.
  • Confos to the ergonomics.
  • Patelshape liner of breast pump can massage the breast to ease the pain.
  • The handle can be adjusted to the angle suitable for your facile use.
  • Adjustable suction power by adjusting the handle position
  • Gives good support when sitting or lying.
  • Eases stresses and raises the feeling of comforts.

Top Expressing Tips

  • Walt six weeks before expressing. Establishing breastfeeding can be timeconsuming enough without trying to express as well.
  • Sterillize all your equipment and wash your hands before you assemble the pump.
  • Pump in the morning. That's when your breasts are like to be at their fullest.
  • Set the scene. Make sure your're relaxed and comfortable and look at your baby(or her photo). It'll encourage your body to ''let down'' your Milk faster.
  • Practice makes perfect. You may not get much Milk the Finerst time, but if you keep trying, you'll soon get the knack.
  • Store your Milk safety. In the fridge(for up to 24 hours) or in the freezer(for up to three months).