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Sweet Heart Paris POTTY63-1

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Sweet Heart Paris

Train your baby in a fun way! This latest product is a one-of-a-kind potty specially designed for your baby. This Sweet Heart Paris POTTY63-1 Potty is very comfortable for the baby and can be easily cleaned by parents.


• Potty seat
• Detachable bowl
• Button on rear left plays music
• Can teach to flush
• Weight (g): 7000

Fun to use
The potty seat is a detachable tool that can be used by your child with fun. Once your child is done, they can press the white button on the rear left and music plays. This can teach your child to flush.

Easy cleaning
Parents can clean up the bowl by simply removing the detachable faeces bowl and cleaning it. Once the bowl is clean, it can be attached and is ready to be used again. The faeces bowl comes with an extended handle to hold the bowl with ease. Potty with music, let the kid enjoy when their using it.