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VIVA HOUZ Rubber Foam Child Pillow (Less than 1 years old)-1pcs

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Viva Houz


Since children spend a large amount of time sleeping during their crucial development stages, it's important to help them rest comfortably. Children benefit from a supportive pillow while their bodies are growing. Suitable rubber foam pillow made to size will improve your child's sleeping posture, resulting in restful and productive sleep.

The dense material of VIVA HOUZ child rubber foam pillow molds to the child's shape, cradling his or her neck and head. Viva Houz child rubber foam pillow is also dimpled with pin-holes that provide continuous ventilated air for better and restful sleeps. Viva Houz child rubber foam pillow ensures a calm and happier child.

Product Details: •

  • Material: 100% pure latex •
  • Dimensions: 29cm (L) x 25cm (W) x 3/4cm (D)