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Mamypoko Pants Air Fit Boy L44

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MamyPoko Pants Air Fit has a soft texture with good fit for any size thighs, thick or slim, allowing active movement and no worries of leakage from the sides. As your baby moves the soft gathers fit the body well that almost twice the degree of contact for a better fit.

Features: •

  • Super-slim absorber, absorbs up to 12 hours of urine. *(the amount of urine varies between individual babies) •
  • Feeling soft like cloth, the new material gently fits the body well as your baby moves
  • •Wetness Sign – When your baby pees, the line turns blue •
  • Stays active and feels comfortable •
  • Cotton-like Breathable Cover •
  • Keeps the skin nice and dry •
  • Flexible, soft, and stretchy

Product Details: •

  • Size: L •
  • Quantity: 44 Pieces • B
  • aby Weight: 9-14Kg