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S26 Sma Step 1-1.2GMX6(Carton)

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The Wyeth S26 SMA Step 1 milk powder formulated especially for infants (0-12 Months) to enhance early growth and development. Enriched with Calcium, Lutein, a-Protein, AA & DHA and also 5 Nucleotides.Features: •

  • Calcium – For strong growth of bones and teeth
  • •Lutein – To protect the eyes by filtering blue light
  • •A-Protein – A type of protein quality whey. It is easily digested, absorbed and accepted by the body •
  • AA & DHA – Supports healthy growth and development as the brain growth spurts continues •
  • 5 Nucleotides – Building blocks for well-being •
  • Halal
  • Reminder: Used only in accordance to your healthcare professional's advice and instruction Breast milk is the best food for babies (For infant of 0 to 12 Months)