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S26 Progress Step 3-600GM

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The Wyeth S-26 Progress Step-3 is fortified to contain 100% of the recommended amounts of key nutrients for which toddlers are commonly at risk for deficiency. S-26 Progress serves as a nutritional safety net by providing a healthy complement to the toddler's diet. It contains more than 40 ingredients, each of which has a recognized function such as helping support growth, development, or health.S-26 Progress, formulated with the Biofactors System, which is a scientific approach to balancing key high-quality nutrients. Its focus is on both the quality and the appropriate quantity of each nutrient to support a child's mind &, visual, development; and physical growth at a specific stage of life. Features: •

  • Oligofructose – May improve digestion, help promote regularity, promote softer stools, and help reduce the risk of constipation •
  • Provides at least 100% of the US DRI for toddlers of vitamin A, iron, zinc and iodine and 100% of the AAP recommendation for vitamin D when fed as directed (3 servings per day) •
  • Fortified with the carotenoid lutein, which acts in the retina as an antioxidant and as a filter of blue light •
  • Contains carotenes, natural antioxidants with immune-enhancing effects •
  • Provides recommended amounts of calcium and vitamin D, nutrients that are essential for helping promote bone mineralization, when fed as directed
  • Reminder: Used only in accordance to your healthcare professional's advice and instruction (For children of 1 to 3 Years)