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Hamper Raya 2017

Raya Aidilfitri Hamper - Impressive Hari Raya Gifts 

Some might say that giving someone a hamper for Raya or other special festivities is kind of cliché. Yet, cliché and familiarity are the things that bound us to who we are and what comforts us the most. Forget all the nonsense that people might claim about giving someone a hamper. This coming Raya, throw that hamper to their face (not literally though) and let them know how good a hamper gift can be and how exciting to unwrap hamper from one box to another. 

Pilihan Hamper Raya 2017 - Hadiah Tanpa Penghargaan

It is not just a hamper. A hamper is a thing of beauty, the art of wrapping a different bunch of food into one unique looking shape. The excitement of unwrapping a hamper is somewhat pleasurable and thrilling because you have no idea what is hidden behind the unseen boxes. You need to unwrap it carefully so that you did not spoil the perfect square boxes; this is where the thrilling comes in.

Bring back the hamper giving culture and bring back your sweet tooth for delicate cookies and sweet candies this coming Aidifiltri. IKW Malaysia offers tonnes of the latest hamper combos for their Raya Hamper 2017. With different varieties of mouth-watering Hari Raya hampers that will overpower your craving! A great hamper basket gift for someone special or to carve your way to delightful satisfaction, whatever it is it works best for any occasion. 

It is not just some normal hamper, it is the Hamper Raya Murah only at IKW Malaysia! Murah (cheap) and sedap (good) are the two familiar words that we Malaysian are accustomed to. Well, IKW Malaysia covers both of it with their Raya Hampers 2017! Grab it while stocks last and drowned yourself inside this massive mountain of food.