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Halloween Crazy Sales

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Snek Ku Tam Tam (80g)

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Snek Ku MiMi (80g)

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Sleeveless Stripes Playsuit

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Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans (Blue)

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Classic Backpack

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Belted Pencil Dress (Grey)

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Fur Trimmed Kawaii Backpack

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Winged Lady Tote Bag

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Black Fashion Backpack

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Lady in Red Dress (Red)

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Zippered Shirt Dress

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Peter Pan Vintage Dress

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Basic Button Front Dress

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Weekender Tote Bag (Silver)

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Mesh Inserts Midi Dress

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Classic Backpack

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Classic Dinner Clutch

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MyCyberSale - LARGEST Online Sale in Malaysia

MALAYSIA’S BIGGEST ONLINE SALE is coming back for the fifth time! MyCyberSale 2018 is hitting Malaysia’s e-commerce trading world with participation of over 400 local and regional e-tailers; bringing their best discounts, best products, best of everything they have to the screen. The Oscars for e-commerce trades. This time around, the scale is larger than life. Participations from top-known local and international etailers will leave you with a shopping epilepsy once you set your eyes on what is in store for you this year.

What Is MyCyberSale?

MyCyberSale was established by Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) in it's mission to bring Malaysia into a digital economy dimension by 2020. The growth of e-commerce business and companies began to grow like a wildfire and Malaysia has taken into action to take it to the next level in business trading. This move is as mentioned earlier; to bring Malaysia into a digital economy dimension.

As the technology grows, we – Malaysians are hitching the ride to expand the digital-based trading business too. One of it's high gear involvement is introducing Malaysia to this one of a kind 5-day event right in the nation’s cyber world; MyCyberSale. It made it's first debut in 2014 and now reaching it's third time around, it has drawn over 4.7 million visits and 277,000 successful transactions made. As of last year, MyCybersale MDeC has engrossed over 67 million sales from 180,000 online shoppers– say what?! The path is growing and the figures are estimated to continue to rise for this upcoming mega cyber shopping on the 3 September 2018 until 7 September 2018!

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