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Jacobs Low Sodium Hi-Fibre 800g

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Jacob's Hi-Fibre cracker contains a unique blend of Actimix, 93% wheat cereal and also the right level of fat, as per Ministry of Health healthy eating dietary guideline.

Features & Benefits:

Benefits of Oats:
Eating oats on a regular basis can help to lower cholesterol level in your blood. Oats contains beta glucan which is a form of soluble fiber that helps to absorb cholesterol from the body during digestion. Its carbohydrate content called 'Fructo-Oligosaccharide' promotes the growth of friendly bacteria necessary to promote healthy intestinal environment. With our heart and digestive tract protected, we are taking a healthier step forward ahead of those who consume less of these healthy whole grains. Oats can be consumed in a variety of ways but a simpler way is just by eating Jacob's Oatmeal biscuits, packed with the Goodness of Oats.

How Jacob's can benefit You?
Jacob's Oatmeal is packed with the Goodness of Oats and fruits. Jacob's Oatmeal biscuits are not only healthy but also delicious, making them a great start to your day. Jacob's Oatmeal is available in three variants - Jacob's Oatmeal with cereal, Jacob's Oatmeal Cereal with Apple and Jacob's Oatmeal Cereal with Apricot. Make Jacob's your simple choice towards greater health today!

Nutrition Facts

  • Protein - Essential for growth and development
  • Vitamin A - Essential for the functioning of the eye
  • Vitamin B1 - Release of energy from carbohydrates
  • Vitamin B2 - Release of energy from proteins, fats and carbohydrates
  • Vitamin B3 - Release of energy from proteins, fats and carbohydrates
  • Vitamin B12 - Red Blood cell formation
  • Calcium - Aids in the development of strong bones and teeth
  • Iron - Factor in red blood cell formation

Storage Conditions
Keep in cool dry place. Once opened, you may keep it in food container


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