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Snack & Cookies

sale 21%

Pringles Snck ORIGINAL (42g)

RM2.90 RM2.30
Out of stock
sale 32%

Wanfa (12g)

RM2.90 RM1.98
sale 24%

Cheezels BBQ Cheese 60g

RM2.50 RM1.90
sale 24%

Snek Ku MiMi (80g)

RM2.50 RM1.90
sale 19%

Jacob's Weetameal Wheat Crackers 360g

RM6.50 RM5.28
Out of stock
sale 49%

Chipsmore Hazelnut 163.2 g

RM3.90 RM2.00
sale 24%

Snek Ku Tam Tam (80g)

RM2.50 RM1.90
sale 8%

Snek Ku MiMi (10 x 20g)

RM4.90 RM4.50
sale 10%

Pringles Snck PIZZA (110g)

RM4.99 RM4.50
sale 13%

Snek Ku Tam Tam (280g)

RM4.00 RM3.50
sale 46%

Twisties Chicken (160g)

RM5.95 RM3.20