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Sleeveless Top in Rose Print

RM55.67 RM39.00 (RM41.34 inc tax)
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Elegant Ingenuous Bodycon Dress

RM77.24 (RM81.87 inc tax)
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Crochet Trim Lace Blouse (White)

RM69.00 RM59.00 (RM62.54 inc tax)
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Rose Print Prom Dress

RM130.00 RM89.00 (RM94.34 inc tax)
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Self-Tie Neckline Blouse

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Slim Cropped Pants (Black)

RM129.00 RM80.00 (RM84.80 inc tax)
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High Waist Summer Shorts

RM120.00 RM60.00 (RM63.60 inc tax)
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Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans (Blue)

RM69.90 RM49.90 (RM52.89 inc tax)
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Painted Floral Prom Dress

RM150.00 RM79.90 (RM84.69 inc tax)
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Sleeveless Stripes Playsuit

RM99.00 RM78.00 (RM82.68 inc tax)
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Wide Leg Pants

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Razer Reversible Hoodie Women

RM298.00 (RM315.88 inc tax)
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Splendid Floral Shirt Dress (Green)

RM99.00 RM49.00 (RM51.94 inc tax)
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Minimalist Mid Rise Dress (Blue & White &...

RM99.00 RM60.00 (RM63.60 inc tax)
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Suit Slim-Fit Trousers (Dark Brown)

RM69.90 RM59.00 (RM62.54 inc tax)
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Slim Cropped Pants (Blue)

RM129.00 RM80.00 (RM84.80 inc tax)
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Belted Pencil Dress (Grey)

RM109.00 RM79.00 (RM83.74 inc tax)
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Puff Sleeve Skater Dress (Black)

RM80.00 RM55.00 (RM58.30 inc tax)
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Rose Embroidered Dress

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Zippered Shirt Dress

RM89.00 RM49.00 (RM51.94 inc tax)
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Cold Shoulder Peplum Top

RM129.00 RM69.00 (RM73.14 inc tax)
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Mesh Inserts Midi Dress

RM62.17 RM59.00 (RM62.54 inc tax)
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Peter Pan Vintage Dress

RM79.00 RM50.00 (RM53.00 inc tax)
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Suit Slim-Fit Trousers

RM69.90 RM59.00 (RM62.54 inc tax)

Foliage Themed Mid Rise Skirt (White with...

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Leading Women Clothing Store in Malaysia

Vast array of clothing for women is categorized based on body size, trend and utility. Yet, women are not condescended and want the best of all! Women prefer to distinguish their clothing for casual purpose and those for prom/party wear.


From tops & tees, suits, jeans or pants to nightwear for women- all ladies fashion wears act significant role in women life. At IKW, we are committed to offer the best and latest trend of women clothing in Malaysia. Grab some never-see before women style fashion wear exclusively at IKW now!


From A to Z Clothes for Women!

Fashion T- Shirts & Tops for Women


Shirts for ladies always come in style for fashion sensibility and occasion. Some shirts are for outing, exercising, professional meetup or casual wear. Blouse is always be chosen for professional settings. It can be long sleeved or short sleeved.


T shirt is classic women clothes and the most comfortable to wear with pants casually. It is better to slip on suits if you want a corporate outfit. Most of the stylish tops for women are made in chiffon or net fabrics.


Dresses for Women


Women always confident when their physical appearance is dress. That is why fashion ladies dresses are so popular in Malaysia.


Maxi Skirts and Midi Dresses are the latest women fashion season trend. They can be worn based on their style and cut. They are classic party wear for women.


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