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Classic Backpack

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Winged Lady Tote Bag

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Fur Trimmed Kawaii Backpack

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Weekender Tote Bag (Silver)

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Classic Backpack

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Classic Dinner Clutch

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Rockstud Medium Backpack (Black)

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Black Fashion Backpack

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Textured Sling Bag

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Slim Padded Urban Backpack (Blue)

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Tucano Luna Sporty Backpack Blue

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The Fashion Style Essential - Woman Bag

Nowadays, the best thing that women can carry with herself is bag! From party bag to shopper bag, a woman need them all.


Bag is women entire essential and one of the must of a modern lady in Malaysia. Whether you are student, office lady or superwoman, you always can’t get enough with these ladies bag collections. They have to bring all the things for daily activities such as wallet, makeup kit, power bank, mobile phone with this necessities.


Bags for women can be categorized into utility:


Handbag: This is the most common bag that women love to carry with. It can be in different shapes such as rectangular, square shaped, big or small. They are always women best friends.


Slingbag : Messenger bag with shoulder strap hang over one shoulder. Ladies’ sling bag is great fashion trend these day. Sling bag can also replace traditional purse if you want to store car key, cosmetic products and wallet.

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