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Sleeveless Top in Rose Print

RM55.67 RM39.00 (RM41.34 inc tax)
Out of stock

Elegant Ingenuous Bodycon Dress

RM77.24 (RM81.87 inc tax)
sale 30%

Bella Printed Shawl

RM38.00 RM26.50 (RM28.09 inc tax)
sale 14%

Crochet Trim Lace Blouse (White)

RM69.00 RM59.00 (RM62.54 inc tax)

Kaftan Lycra Flower

RM159.00 (RM168.54 inc tax)
sale 50%

Ray-Ban RB 5315 D Glasses Frame

RM599.00 RM299.00 (RM316.94 inc tax)
sale 32%

Rose Print Prom Dress

RM130.00 RM89.00 (RM94.34 inc tax)
sale 35%

Satchel Bag with Scarf Accent (Beige)

RM199.00 RM129.00 (RM136.74 inc tax)
sale 34%

Self-Tie Neckline Blouse

RM149.00 RM99.00 (RM104.94 inc tax)
sale 36%

HD Vision Wrap Around Sunglasses

RM29.90 RM19.00 (RM20.14 inc tax)
sale 38%

Slim Cropped Pants (Black)

RM129.00 RM80.00 (RM84.80 inc tax)
sale 50%

High Waist Summer Shorts

RM120.00 RM60.00 (RM63.60 inc tax)
sale 29%

Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans (Blue)

RM69.90 RM49.90 (RM52.89 inc tax)
sale 47%

Painted Floral Prom Dress

RM150.00 RM79.90 (RM84.69 inc tax)

Modern Boxy Top with Pelikat Pants

RM179.25 (RM190.01 inc tax)

Maxi Lace Dress Cardigan-Yellow

RM399.00 (RM422.94 inc tax)
sale 41%

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Liteforce Sunglasses(RB4...

RM299.00 RM177.85 (RM188.52 inc tax)
sale 21%

Sleeveless Stripes Playsuit

RM99.00 RM78.00 (RM82.68 inc tax)
sale 18%

Wide Leg Pants

RM55.00 RM45.00 (RM47.70 inc tax)
Out of stock
sale 26%

Instant Shawl Sari Chiffon (1 Muka) Patte...

RM50.00 RM36.79 (RM39.00 inc tax)

Razer Reversible Hoodie Women

RM298.00 (RM315.88 inc tax)
sale 51%

Splendid Floral Shirt Dress (Green)

RM99.00 RM49.00 (RM51.94 inc tax)

Maxi Lace Dress Cardigan-Green

RM399.00 (RM422.94 inc tax)
sale 46%

Ray-Ban Aviator Flash Lenses Sunglasses (...

RM499.00 RM271.85 (RM288.16 inc tax)

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