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Shimmering Glittered Tattoos

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If you are interested in body art but not a big fan of it being permanent, you are looking at the right product. It has wicked designs but the best part is; it’s not permanent! You can wash them right off at the end of the day.Features: •

  • Waterproof • It can be applied in seconds •
  • You can style it according to your own •
  • It will glow bright both during the day and night 
  • Package contents: 10 stencils, 3 glitters, 1 glue, 1 brush

How to use: •
Step 1: Choose the area you want to shimmer-ink. •
Step 2: Press on the stencil on the area you want to shimmer. •
Step 3: Brush on the patented adhesive, dip the brush in the glitter. • Step 4: Shimmer away!