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Rocago Smart Foot Massager

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Rocago Smart Foot Massager set of planta roller, scrapping, kneading, pressure, heating, a variety of massage functions in one body. User-friendly design, with personalized memory function; low-voltage operation, energy saving and environmental protection. Embedded package on foot circulation massage, light and heavy pressure is applied for various different foot reflex zones. Especially the heel parts airbags, fully squeeze the clock acupuncture points. Strengthen the function of kidney metabolic detoxification, expand foot blood vessels, speed up the foot blood circulation, and help the body return to normal state coordination.

Features :

Full-wrap Massage

- Fully wrap the foot for a 360 ° comprehensive massage.

Air Pressure Massage
- Airbag extrusion massage effectively relieves tired feet.

Scraping Massage
- Improve body function throug the rubbing of the sole.

Roller Massage
- Rolling back and forth effectively stimulates the acupoints.

Pushing Massage
- Deeply stimulate heel acupuncture points to increase foot circulation.

Heating Massage
- Professional heating massage promotes circulation, applies pressure to release toxins and stress.


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