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Nori Serum Plus + Nori Cleanser Plus + Nori Day Plus

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Nori Serum Plus + Nori Cleanser Plus + Nori Day Plus are triple threat to ensure a healthy and beauty looking skin. Serum is a fluid which contains superb highly concentrated ingredients used to treat skin imperfections. The facial cleanser will preserve the health of the skin to maintain it well-being. The day cream should be applied daily to keep the skin firm and plumps; extremely rejuvenating.

Product benefits: •

  • Anti-ageing •
  • Suitable for all types of skin •
  • Gives smoother and fairer skin •
  • Remove whiteheads, black spots, oily skin and other skin complications

Product details: •

Ingredients: Apple stem cells, Seaweed extract •


  • Cleanser: Use tepid water, lather facial soap between palms. Massage over face and throat. Rinse 3-5 times. Pat skin dry. Use twice daily or necessary.
  • Serum: On clean and dry hands, apply serum twice daily on face, dry skin or scar in firm and circular motion until serum is absorbed fully.
  • Day Cream: Apply during the day and spread evenly until fully absorbed by skin.