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Cadeau Lip Glow Gift Box Set

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Expressing a beautiful looking face is always possible by applying this lipglow on that lips of yours. A real flower confined in a lipstick to indicate floral ingredients content as well as enriched with moisturizing and soothing effect for a gorgeous lip appearance, now you can express your charm with confidence. A box with four colours of lipglows for your preferred options. 


  • Minimalist packaging with flower motifs and soft pastel colours
  • Handcrafted in Korea
  • Limited quantity produced each day
  • Plated rose gold casing with a mirror finish
  • Smooth consistency when applied
  • Has a balm finish on lips
  • Changes colour to soft pink tint after 3 seconds
  • Colour stays up to 8 hours
  • Sweet fruity floral fragrance
  • Highest quality natural ingredients suitable for sensitive skin
  • Using nine flower essences in manufacturing process
  • Real flowers with gold flakes sealed inside lip glows
  • 4 pieces of various colours